There is nothing I love more than being cozied up on the couch after a long hard day of work with chips and salsa, a good reality tv show or documentary wearing a comfortable lounge set that makes me feel like I have my life together. 

In 2012, I opened a small shop to sell home decor and vintage finds. Over the next few years we opened a few more stores inside of Marketplaces in Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, and Tennessee and began to carry clothing and accessories.

My passion for curating a collection of DREAM outfits took off. 

When 8 of our locations shut down during the pandemic, we had so many of our loyal customers reach out and ask if would be selling online. We have built the most amazing team to be able to make that possible. My job is to make sure you love the hand selected piece you choose to purchase. We know it will be the best style you own.

We are now Worth Collective